Dwyer Agency of Mahopac, LLC fully supports the Fair Housing Notice.
Standard Operating Procedures


Standardized Operating Procedure for Purchasers of Real Estate Pursuant to Real Property Law §442-H

Dwyer Agency, LLC (the “Broker”) is making this Standardized Operating Procedure available on any publicly available website and mobile device application maintained by the Broker and any of its licensees and teams. Broker has copies of these Standardized Operating Procedures available to the public upon request at Broker’s office location.

Please be advised that Broker:
   1. Does not require Prospective buyer clients to show identification*
   2. Does not require Exclusive buyer broker agreements
   3. Requires Pre-approval for a mortgage loan / proof of funds*

*Although Broker may not require such information, a seller of real estate may require this information prior to showing the property and/or as part of any purchase offer.

Effective April 20, 2022